We Create ......

We create a relationship with our customers that most describe as a “real partnership”. We share the goals and outcomes they are seeking, and we learn what they need and want. Our research is extensive and the results demonstrate the innovation we have become famous for.

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We enable ......

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No matter if it is a specific request, or a concept being developed, we work with our customers closely and competently, hitting far above our weight. We help those ideas and concepts become reality.

We find the best manufacturers and work closely with them so they understand the bigger picture. Upstream sourcing, compliance and quality are all part of the overall process, and adds greatly to the value of the outcome.

We deliver ......

We deliver on quality, safety and ensuring evaluate factories based on their capability to supply the right product and based on their commitment to quality, safety and compliance. We work with over 15,000 suppliers in multiple ways to meet our customers’ needs.

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