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Welcome to GMTee

GMTee is a truly international Company based in Asia, the world’s sourcing food bowl. We started in 2002, and quickly became known for our company principles of innovation, end-to-end partnering and integrity. Today, we have expanded our capabilities substantially, but have never lost our sight of our core values.

We are adept at providing solutions because we work hard to understand the outcomes you are looking to achieve. Our partnering approach differentiates us from most other companies.

We don’t regard ourselves as just suppliers but more an active extension of your business – indeed, our clients often refer to us as their office in Asia!

Although we have a focus on sporting goods, apparel, household item and gifting, we also provide services in many other areas.

If you are looking for products or services, existing or something out of the box, contact us and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

  • GMTee Warm Up Swing and Grip Trainer enables you to warm up your muscles before undertaking any physical activity. It allows your muscles to memorise the action of your golf swing, producing a natural movement helping to improve game consistency and reducing the chance of injury. The grip has moulded contours which ensures the correct grip. To alter the...

  • GMTee Putt Returner can be used to practice your putting at home or in the office. Place on the floor and simply putt towards the centre of the putt return. When your ball hits the centre a piston is triggered and automatically returns your ball to you.

  • GMTee Club Cleaner Brush enables you to keep your clubs clean and dirt free for optimum performance. The brush has nylon bristles on one side and brass on the opposite side. Supplied with a metal carabiner for easy attachment to your bag.